If your a fan of the Nes Game Megami Tensei, this will be great news for you:

Hey folks, this is a long overdue update to our Megami Tensei translation making it hopefully complete and issue free. The ending music does end prematurely due to the extend length of the text, so if anyone would be interested in helping us with that, we would welcome it.
In addition to bug fixes and script changes, an additional hack was done to swap the sprite of Purski with the Behemoth sprite. This was done because it appears the original devs made an error as Purski is supposed to be one of those Hindu elephants and it was finally corrected with SMT. So we’ve changed it accordingly.
Please note that this game didn’t play nice for us when using savestates, especially in the middle of battle.
Do enjoy.

homepage - http://yojimbo.eludevisibility.org/

via http://www.romhacking.net/