PicoDrive 3DS the Megadrive and Master System Emulator for Nintendo 3DS has been updated, heres whats new:

v0.93 Released (28 Jan 2018)

Against those who still own the old 3DS / 2DS or still care about the 3DS ... and if you still want to enjoy Sega MD games on your Old 3DS / 2DS at full speed:

This is a port of nota's PicoDrive emulator to the old 3DS / 2DS. Although PicoDrive is already highly optimized for ARM processors, if it's still running, it's still in its infancy for mega games on the old 3DS / 2DS, as it's in the RetroArch's version. So this port is heavily loaded on the 3DS '2nd core to emulate the FM synthesized music for the YM2612 FM chip to achieve 60 FPS. But the 2nd core on the old 3DS is not enough to generate a synthesized music at a full 44100Hz, so sounds are generated at 30000Hz on an Old 3DS. It sounds ok for many games, except for those who use high-pitched notes or sound samples.

The screen rendering is done completely using the original PicoDrive's ARM processor-optimized renderer.

You can play Master System, Mega Drive games and Sega CD games, and 32X games. CD games run a little slower (you should enable 1-2 frameskips) on an Old 3DS, but it runs very well on a New 3DS. 32X games can only be played on a new 3DS using the .CIA version of the emulator. Some dynarec instructions for 32X games will crash the emulator (Virtual Fighter, Virtual Racing Deluxe have this issue).

The default maps for the controls are:
1. 3DS 'Y Button -> MD's A Button,
2. 3DS' B Button -> MD's B Button,
3. 3DS 'A Button -> MD's C Button,
4. 3DS' X Button -> MD's X Button,
5. 3DS 'L Button -> MD's Y Button,
6. 3DS' R Button -> MD's Z Button

This emulator uses the same user interface as VirtuaNES for 3DS, TemperPCE for 3DS, Snes9x for 3DS. It will run better on the New 3DS as usual, where all music and sound samples will be generated at 44100Hz.

Putting up v0.93 for download:

v0.93 Release Notes:

- Fixed a sound bug that plays the previous sound from a CD-ROM game when you load up an SMS ROM.
- Re-ordered region priority to US, JP, EU.
- Added support for .32x extensions and 32X games.
(but some games like Virtual Fighter, Virtual Racing Deluxe causes the emulator to crash, just like the RetroArch versions)
- Fixed ASM version of the 32X rendering routines to prevent crashing, and blackthorne games.
- Fixed the frame-rate bug that is not consistent with the frame-rate selected in the menu.
- Enabled 32X / SVP dynarec when running in CIA mode and the necessary custom firmware is available.
- Sets the default mapping for Sega MD's X, Y, Z buttons.
- Fixed a read-ahead library bug that front caused small ISO games to boot to the CD player.
- Fixed minor sound emulation issues and improved sound sync.
- Fixed YM2612 timer bug.
- Implemented more aggressive optimzation of the YM2612 assembly emulation. Less skipping in some games on the Old 3DS.
- Fixed playing PWM samples by the DC Offset of the waveform (CSND is unable to reliably play the samples with a significant DC offset)

Homepage https://github.com/bubble2k16/picodrive_3ds/

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