rsn8887 has made ScummVM for the PSVita (and PSP) better and added a very important feature that makes ScummVM much more appealing on the Vita!

rsn8887 improved a lot upon the official PSVita port in the last couple of days with the following improvements:

  • Touch controls on the PSVita. This means you can control your favourite point-and-click game with the front touchscreen which makes the game feel like a native Vita game! The rear touchpad can be made to work if you enable the ‘touchpad mouse mode’ option.
  • Both direct (normal touch controls like on a smartphone) and indirect (dragging the cursor) touch modes were added.
  • Analogue stick accuracy was improved on the Vita.
  • The PSP got a “Fit to Screen” graphics mode which makes proper use of aspect ratio correction.
  • The PSP got a “4:3 aspect ratio” graphics mode
  • Bug fixes and other improvements for both consoles!