Im just about to hack my release day PS3 to get custom firmware on it so this is interesting news for me, heres the news via maxconsole

  • @STLcardsWS from PSX-PLACE informs us that @esc0rtd3w has released his second version of the amazing PS3Xploit Tools, so check it out below, and get your PlayStation 3 console running CFW without any 'hardware needed', of course it still DOES NOT support SuperSlim consoles, but you never know what the future brings us, as last year you would have never thought this was even possible.
    I will start this off with NO you can not jailbreak your PS3 SuperSlim Console's (seems to be a popular question), however that does not mean the Ps3Xploit Team (bguerville, esc0rtd3w, habib & W) still has not been hard at work, with this new release of Ps3Xploit v2.0.. In this release all the tools (IDPS Dumper, Flash Dumper & Flash Writer) have seen significant improvements and now performing the task such as installing a Custom Firmware on your 4.82 OFW PS3 (with flash writer) has been made even easier and very stable thanks to the team's new checks implemented and progression of the exploit. The Flash and IDPS dumper are also much improved. All the details are provided on their official support site (PSX-PLACE), please visit the news source link below before asking any questions.

    • Freeze issues - Fixed
    • Occasional bad dumps - Fixed
    • No beeps & shutdown. Replaced by a graceful ROP chain exit & return to browser. This gives the opportunity to the user to dump after patching & validate the dump with littlebalup's py checker. As long as the user does not shutdown/restart, it's still possible to recover from bad patching.
    • Support for usb port 0,1,6 + sd/cf/ms cards.
    • Multi firmware support on all dumpers (4.10+) & DEX support on 4.81.
    • HDD editions for all dumpers & flash writer where a picture file placeholder is used for read/write operations.
    • Javascript refactoring for performance & efficiency.
    • will host the 2.0 update, no need for 3rd party sites.