Some interesting news from Maxconsole regarding the Nvidia Shield:

Last year, it was announced that a special licensing agreement between Nvidia and Nintendo would allow the Nvidia Shield selling in China to have some old 'Nintendo' games from the Gamecube and Wii libraries, and its been discovered that the GC ones are emulated, which basically means in the near future we could see that emulator running on the Nintendo Switch either officially or unofficially since the Shield uses the same Tegra X1 processor as the Switch does.
The findings were posted on ResetEra by forum member "dragonbane" who revealed that the glitch hunting community on the site managed to import a $250 Nvidia Shield from China with a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess installed. Another member of the group, "Pheenoh," actually streamed the game on Twitch.

The group found some interesting details while watching the stream. For example, the build was incredibly stable, not crashing and maintaining a locked 30 fps throughout the game. The loading times were also incredibly fast, similar to a fast load enabled Dolphin Emulator.

Dragonbane also noted that two consistent game crashes common in the original GameCube version of Twilight Princess were non-existent on the Shield version. Two glitches that interestingly enough also didn't affect the Dolphin Emulator version of the game either until very recently.

Thanks to these clues, the hunter group decided to dump the APK from the Shield. Instead of finding a native executable for the game that matched the GameCube counterpart, dragonbane instead found a GameCube emulator. One they say "runs one of the most demanding games on the [GameCube] very smoothly on the same hardware as the Switch."