Its always good to hear about new emulators and heres a new Playstation Vita emulator in the making:

There is some good PSP Emulators out there, but when it comes to emulating the PlayStation Portable second-generation, the VITA there is none, but now a new project has been started and its looking good so far, read all about it below with thanks to PSX-Place.
Why is it needed?

  • With the PlayStation Vita approaching end-of-life, there has never been a more important time to preserve compatibility with the existing PS Vita software library.
  • Given that the PS4 doesn't run PS Vita software (or even PS3 or PSP software for that matter), we can't rely on Sony to maintain compatibility with PS Vita software in the future. We need to step up and build that compatibility ourselves.

Initial Roadmap

  • Audio support
  • First release (Windows, macOS, source code)
  • Continuous Integration to build releases automatically
  • Support .psv (game card backup) file format
  • Ongoing work to improve and expand compatibility
  • Ongoing work to improve performance

Feature wish list

  • Network play
  • High resolution rendering
  • Custom shaders


  • The emulator currently runs a few homebrew programs in .vpk format. No commercial games are playable. vitaQuake by Rinnegatamante &,VitaTester by SMOKE5


  • The emulator does not yet have a front end. Please specify the path to a .vpk file as the first command line argument.

Bugs and issues

  • The project is at an early stage, so please be sensitive to that when opening new issues. Expect crashes, glitches, low compatibility and poor performance.


  • Thanks go out to people who offered advice or otherwise made this project possible, such as Davee, korruptor, Rinnegatamante, ScHlAuChi, Simon Kilroy, TheFlow, xerpi, xyz, Yifan Lu and many others.


  • If you would like to show your appreciation or even help fund development, the project has a Patreon page.