Heres a new release of the Game Boy Advance emulator for Windows, heres the release info:

VGBAnext 5.6.5 is now online. The new version adds the remaining time display when replaying a game. It is shown in seconds to the right of the replay indicator. I have also added dark and light textured backgrounds to the Settings activity, depending on the UI color setting. Finally, the app now uses Material Design theme rather than the default device theme for the Settings. For the next several days, VGBAnext is on sale for $2.99. If you liked the app, but not the price, now is the time to make the move. See below for all the changes in the latest version.

  • Added remaining time display during replay.
  • Fixed replay rollover mechanism.
  • Added shadow underneath the time display.
  • Settings activity now uses black/white UI setting.
  • Switched Settings to Material Design on Lollipop+.