Heres a new Yahtzee game for the Playstation Vita, heres the release notes:

Yakzee is a PSVita version of the American dice game called Yahtzee. The main goal of the game is to score points by rolling five dice to make certain combinations.
As with dragaronís homebrew games (like Sudorku and others), itís very well made and has the following features:

  • Touch screen controls that work flawlessly.
  • The ability to play against 3 opponents. These are the CPU, another player or a Ghost opponent. The ghost opponent is a recording of your highest score while playing that mode.
  • You may also change the name or picture of any player by touching their player picture.
  • The main playerís records (wins, draws and losses) are updated regardless of the op
    ponent you play against.
  • Something that I personally think is cool is that you have to shake the PSVita itself to roll the dice!