Heres an app for the PS3 which im not familiar with, heres the release details:

PS2 Netemu Selector v1.4 is released. PS2 Netemu Selector is a PS2 Emulator for PS3. Application for changing ps2_netemu file versions on firmware 4.81, 4.82 (CEX, DEX, DECR (decr untested)). Based on modified version of XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) Installer. For original installer readme check file "READMEinstaller.markdown".

PS2 Netemu Selector v1.4 Changelog:
Added submenu to enable/disable debug menu for every emu
Now after choosing emu you will be taken to next screen with option to enable/disable debug menu. So you can have emulator that show temperatures with enabled debug menu now.
To access debug menu run ps2 game, and push PS button. Current patch allow to show this menu only one time per run.