Hacker Motoharu has released version 2 of psvpfstools. Psvpfstools 2.0 can decrypt in particular: gamedata, addcont, savedata, trophies, appmeta, addcont root.

Full changelog, from the source:
Support of icv.db format (savedata, trophies etc)
Keystone and Sealedkey parsing and Keystone sanity check
Complete rewrite of unicv.db parser (to accomodate icv.db)
Support of Merkle trees (related to icv.db)
Cleanup and improvement of crypto engine (more reversing done)
Improvement of different places in the code that had unknown behavior (reversing)
Bug fixes that were in previous versions

download https://github.com/motoharu-gosuto/psvpfstools/releases

via http://wololo.net/2018/02/05/psvita-...vpfstools-2-0/