Heres a new scan of an old magazine for Nintendo fans, heres the news:

This week we return to more recent times with issue 7 of NGamer magazine.
We have a ton of preview features and reviews for this issue, as it's packed full with content, so let's get started.
First up we have several Nintendo DS reviews: Children of Mana, Chocobo and the Magic Picturebook, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker, Final Fantasy III and Magical Starign. Then we move on to Elebits for the Wii, as well as Kororinpa, Metal Slug Anthology, Necro-Nesia and Super Swing Golf Pangya. On top of this we also have two Wii features: Scarface and SSX Blur.
Then we look at a small feature titled: What the hell is Dragon Quest?, and we finish off this update with this issues Download feature: History Lesson #4: Hal Laboratory. Enjoy!

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