Yep heres yet more hacking news for the Nintendo Switch:

Soon after the v4.x jamais vu teaser video, the folks over at GBATemp quickly noticed there was a new GITHub repo from @SciresM and when he questioned about it, he posted the following statement regarding what his future plans are:
SciresM said:
Anyway, yes, my focus will be shifting towards spending all my time working on Atmosphere until it's usable (with a diversion to get a publically usable jamais vu PoC once some of the basic building blocks are in place).

I've put up a roadmap in the issues/projects section -- all of my development will be open source and done via commits to that repo. I don't want a repeat of previous consoles where CFWs get worked on behind closed doors before their initial releases -- all of atmosphere's broken, WIP code will be available as it's written.

Looking forward to working on atmosphere