This week's VGBAnext 5.8 release for Android is now online. This version merges changes from the recent Windows/Linux VGBA and VGB releases and fixes several AndroidTV issues. I have also added Cheatopedia cheats for 8 more GBA games, including Dr Seuss, Demon Driver, and Dogz. See below for all the changes.

  • Released free VGBA 5.8 for Windows and Linux.
  • Released free VGB 5.4 for Windows and Linux.
  • Fixed Settings background on AndroidTV.
  • Disabled DropBox on AndroidTV for now, since there is no browser.
  • Added Cheatopedia cheats for 8 more GBA games.
  • Added cheats for three Dr Seuss games.
  • Added cheats for Dora The Explorer.
  • Added cheats for Davis Cup Tennis.
  • Added cheats for Demon Driver.
  • Added cheats for Denki Blocks.
  • Added cheats for Dogz.