Heres a new Final Burn Emulator for Nintendo Switch from Cpasjuste:


Here is the first official release of my final burn alpha port. I did share a very early build a day ago, this official release does fix a few things :

fix inputs (mainly visible in menu)
fix timer, this allow rom information to be correctly displayed and preview pics to load correctly
fix scaling: added more scaling option for the switch (2x, 3x). This are fast scaling, the other options (fit, fit 4/3, full) are now correctly working but are too slow for some system (cps3...)
add exit option in main menu ("+" + "-")
add app information and icon for the hombrew launcher


You can also run console games (megadrive, pc engine...).
You can find some information in the ps vita thread : ... ad.458445/
You can also find some information and source code here :