Heres a release for Switch users on 4.x firmwares:

The ReSwitched Hacking Team has done it again. motezazer, ktemkin and SciresM have achieved code execution on 4.x via deja vu at TrustZone level. This means devices on 4.x will be able to gain access to the whole system. SciresM strongly advises to not update in the future.

After less than a year, the Switch hacking team has moved extremely fast and now have got full access on the latest version. The progress being made is incredible, and in comparison, the 3DS took around 2 years to get ARM9 access. The scene is looking very promising so far and we are very lucky to have such talented people working on the Switch.

If you are on 4.x or below, you will be able to gain access to the whole system's hardware. Users on lower firmwares will get CFW first. If you're on 4.0.0/4.0.1, just update to 4.1.0.