Those of you who are RPG fans will be salivating at this news, so here goes:

A major update to what many consider to be the best version of Final Fantasy VI, Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition 2.00 has been released. Many lines in the script have been fine tuned and corrected where it was needed. This also includes the Updated Opera versions that use the modern translations of the famous Opera scene in the game.
Several issues in previous versions have been corrected. This includes a character walking through a wall, and the Sketch bug finally being correctly fixed. In addition, the Bug-Fixes version now includes a large list of bug fixes available that fix some of the worst bugs in the game. A Bug Fix Compendium has been added to document all of the changes and tweaks made in the game.
The Music Player included has also had corrections made to the song titles that the previous version had incorrectly.
To help everyone that wonders what name changes were made to items and monsters, lists are now included to give players an understanding of where the names come from.
With the Bug Fixes, Updated Opera, Add-Ons, and Music Player added in, this presents a fantastic way to experience the game, whether its for first time players or long time fans.

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