RetroArch is a front-end for various emulators that are called cores. Thanks to RetroArch, you can manage your entire multi-platform game collection from just one program and avoid having to fiddle around with various different emulators! With RetroArch, you can emulate consoles such as:

  • The NES, SNES, GBA and many more Nintendo consoles
  • The Genesis, Master System and Game Gear among other Sega consoles
  • Arcade machines
  • Various computers (such as old Amiga computers) and some game engines (PrBoom for DOOM

What got updated/changed in RetroArch 1.7.1?
RetroArch 1.7.1 brings along the following:
The Wii U port was greatly improved with shader and overlay support, increased stability while switching cores and menu shader effects.
The original XBOX port is finally back with 21 cores thanks to the fact that the RetroArch team still supports compiling with Visual Studio 2003 and has created a Direct3D8 driver which also works with older PCs.
Cores that support subsystems such as bSNES (Super Gameboy) and Same Boy (2-Link netplayer) can have their subsystem started directly from the RetroArch UI rather than through the command line
A new Direct3D 11/12 driver that has features such as overlay support, menu shader effects and being able to draw the menu itself so you’ll have a unified experience with nothing being out of place!
The Nintendo Switch port is now closer to being released than ever thanks to the recent major developments in the Switch homebrew scene. RetroArch is saying that a port for the Switch should be with us with the release of RetroArch 1.7.2 so stay tuned!

The SNES9X2010 RetroArch has been ported to the Nintendo Switch by Sean Torres thanks to the ReSwitched Team!
Web Player works again and many bug fixes across many platforms.