Heres a great release for those of you who like to read on the PSVita:

Thanks to developer ‘pathway27’, you may now use the Vita’s great OLED screen (if you have a Fat model) to read all the books and comics/manga you want.

What is Bookr Mod Vita?
Back in March of 2017, Bookr Mod Vita 0.1 was released as GekiHEN contest entry. Unfortunately, version 0.1 didn’t do much as it only opened TXT files but fortunately, the developer has decided to work further on it and the result is pretty awesome to say the least!

The UI is exactly like that of the PSP version that this homebrew is based upon!
First of all, this is a work in progress build so not everything works but the basics function correctly. This is what’s currently working:
The reader can handle PDF, CBZ, ePub, FB2 and HTML files thanks to muPDF
Basic controls, such as changing pages and whatnot, work fine
The UI itself is intact and mostly functioning.