J2ME loader is an emulator of the J2ME environment that, like PSPKVM, lets you play games designed

The Sims 3 for J2ME phones on an Android tablet! Enjoy good old games on your modern(ish) devices!
for older feature phones. If you owned a Series 40 or Series 60 Nokia mobile phone or a Samsung feature phone that wasn’t the most basic of models, chances are that you’ve probably used a J2ME application or played a J2ME game.
This emulator is by ‘nikita36078’ of GitHub who’s presumably from Russia since the GitHub page links to a 4PDA forum release thread that’s in Russian. He also decided to make the emulator open-source so that anybody can fiddle around with the source code and possibly improve the emulator.
Obviously, to play games, you must provide your own JAR files. They could be found pretty easily on the internet with a little searching although their legality is questionable.
What can this emulator do?
This emulator has the following features:
It lets you play 2D and *some* 3D games. Compatibility with 3D games is limited but 2D games work pretty well, or at least the ones I tried. I tried ‘The Sims 3’ and ‘Chuzzle’, two titles I played a lot back in the day!
Virtual keypad – This is quite important since we’re talking about the days before touchscreens. It works well but there should be a straightforward way to hide keys with minimal effort since they do kind of get in the way.
Application-specific settings such as resolution settings, font settings and more
Scaling support so that your games don’t stay in a small box as the games themselves render at small resolutions.

download - https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...are.j2meloader

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