Team Switchbrew offers version 1.1.0 of "Libnx ", a bookstore that originally developed the Nintendo Switch. If you want to develop homebrews for the Nintendo Switch, the LIBNX is the best option.
It is necessary to install the Toolchains DevkitPro which includes the LIBNX.


Fixed a race condition in HID causing sporadic incorrect key-releases when using hidKeysHeld().
Unix socket API is now supported.
Time support, currently only UTC.
Added hidMouseRead().
Added settings-services support.
Added gfxSetDrawFlip() and gfxConfigureTransform().
Proper (libnx-side) RomFS support. Initial fsStorage support / other fs(dev) changes.
The console font is now 16x16.
Fixed args parsing with quotes.
Various audio adjustments + added audoutWaitPlayFinish().
More irs (irsensor) support.
Added usleep().
General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.