Nop90 offers version 1.0 of the "SDL Lopan switch " Port of the Mahjong game "SDL Lopan " for the Nintendo Switch.

A classic remake of Linux Lopan (a Mahjong solitaire clone) by Dave Ashley

Like other Mahjongg games, you try to remove all the pieces. To remove pieces you must select a pair of pieces with the same drawing.

I made this port to test the touch screen support and the full screen zoom in my libSDL. It's nothing special, but since it's finished I release it.

The source code of my port is on github (
The compiled game is released on github ( ... H/releases).


Ver. 1.0 (03 March 2018)
- First reelase


Extract the content of the zip in the root of the SD card.

You can run the game on RyujiNX too: extract the content of the zip in the %%appdata%%\RyuFs\sdmc folder and drag the nro file on Ryujinx.exe.

Note: on windows the %%appdata%% folder is \Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming