Heres the news a lot of you PS3 Owners have been waiting for, the previously unhackable SuperSlim PS3s may be soon hackable:

Currently, the only way to mod an PS3 SuperSlim is via ODE hardware, and its not perfect, you end up with 'disc-swapping' and 'file injection' and other issues, and the only other way is an very long time wasting 'game injection' method via your PS3 HDD and USB Backup, and you have to redo the whole long process for each new game added.

But no more, soon the world of the un-crackable PlayStation's consoles will be set free for all to enjoy on the latest official Sony v4.82 firmware, all tho there will still be some tiny quirks leftover, it will still be a ton easier to finally be able to Jailbreak the SuperSlim.
[COLOR=#141414][FONT=Lato]STLcardsWS said:[INDENT]What will this future exploit provide?

  • "Install PKG Files" unlocked on XMB (Retail / Debug PKGs,) *No PS3 Homebrew Support
  • PS1 Emulator Support
  • PS2 Emulator Support
  • PSP Emulator Support
  • PS3 Backup Support (Convert your PS3 Game to Digital PKG - npdrm* (requires game update for disc game backups to work))
  • New Resigning Tools

What you need to know about the legacy PlayStation emulators?

  • PS1 emulation is very good on the PS3, most games will play fine
  • Ps2 emulation is hit and miss on the PS3 (slightly more then half PS2 titles will work fine)
  • PsP emulation is roughly about a 40% success rate for the PS3
  • PS3 Backups - Require a Game Update

Heres a video:

Joonie86 said:
About the Video above:
Tested on CECHE01 w/ OFW 4.82

  1. Verifying the firmware is the latest OFW,
  2. Downloading a demo PS3 game from PSN
  3. Running the original
  4. Enabling IPF [install Package Files]
  5. Verifying the mod content cannot be installed
  6. HAXing it to allow custom PKG
  7. Installing the custom mod
  8. Running the modded content.

No ETA on full public release yet, but most are guessing close to upcoming Easter weekend, stay tuned for more happy scene action.

NEWS SOURCE: PS3Xploit v3.0 Preview (via) PSX-Place