If you like to cheat then this is the app for you:

A cheat application for the PS4, its from a Chinese developer, but its super-easy to work with!

Great little app, works well. Within seconds, I was able to max out PP on the Dead Rising 1 HD Remake and I'm no expert so if I can do it, anyone can do it!!

If anyone is used to RTM modding on ps3 or the cheatengine on PC, you should be able to pick this up very quickly. It is a very simple tool to use.

FYI, if anyone cares to dig in, PM me your findings and I'm going to start a spreadsheet and will upload to google docs to keep track of codes.EDIT--Gary was nice enough to give us a section on the forums so I've been adding to that instead.

Please feel free to pitch in!!

OFFICIAL SOURCE: --> http://bbs.duowan.com/thread-46185705-1-1.html

via http://www.maxconsole.com/forums/ps4...eat-codes.266/