Wow i take a few days away from the Homebrew arena and theres massive news, heres one part of it:

Let's not beat around the grass here, we all know not all ducks just want 'homebrew' and with the previous v4.05 PS4 setup, they were limited in the grains they could enjoy, but now with the dropping of the 'v4.55 holy grail' they can enjoy much better quality of feed.
m0rph3us1987 said:
PS4 holy grail payload for 4.55 is here.

Special tnx to @flat_z. I hope ppl. are finally going to built some serious homebrews. You now have everything you need to start!

Happy coding...

Just remember if you're now playing the latest $#@!, don't forgot to feed the ducks aka (purchase some grains), or they might just get angry and stop you from crossing the road soon into the better playground area called 5.0x

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