Wow just wow, like ive said already i take a few days break from all newsposting and they hack the PS4 and newer firmwares, this is amazing work, heres the release details:

The last 24 hours in the PlayStation 4 Scene has been crazy, first with v4.55 KSploit released by @qwertyoruiopz then ALEXZZZ9 from Russia with Love releasing the v5.01 webkit exploit, now things have been merged together, ported forward from v4.05 by @SpecterDev so we can all enjoy upgrading our PS4 consoles to v4.55 firmware and soon start enjoying the new flow of 'warez' (latest backup games) from the dark web!
Mathieulh said:
Today in some random ps4 related chat room.

So from the above it seems @Mathieulh is suggesting all we need now is the following 'payload' ps4_455_holygrail.bin (67.7kb) for our PS4's to fully enjoy this release!


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