Time for the Xbox One to get an official update, heres the release info:

Microsoft announced that its rolling out a spring update for the Xbox One family of systems. The update is currently available for Xbox Insider members (basically a group of beta testers) and should be available for regular users soon. The highlight of the update is the "Share Controller" feature, an update to Microsoft's Mixer that allows streamers to let anyone with a browser remotely control their game. Viewers can either use an on-screen gamepad provided by the streamer or plug a controller into their PCs and use that. For obvious reasons, the Xbox button will not work for viewers. Microsoft says that streamer and viewer will be able to work together in a game or the viewer can cause some trouble, which may entertain the rest of the audience.

What else does the spring update bring to the table?

- Broadcasts no longer stop when you switch games
- Broadcasts can be started from anywhere on Xbox One
- Microsoft Edge has been updated with a new look
- Microsoft Edge can now download and upload pictures, music and videos
- Option to balance game audio against background music
- Enhanced filter tools for club owners
- Enhancements to feeds
- Tournaments can now be started by anyone in Game Hubs. Being a member of a club is no longer required.

The features list is a work-in-progress. Microsoft expects to add more features to the spring update during the beta period.

source https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2018/03/...e-rolling-out/

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