Didnt even realise that a PS5 was in developement but obviously Sony looking to the future, heres the news:

It is that time of year again, Spring is in the air, and rumors are fresh as we fast approach the big upcoming E3 2018 conference at the start Summer, nothing better then get the rumor-mill going at full-pony-power with the latest PlayStation 5 rumors, details, patents, etc.
Marcus_Sellars said:
PS5 dev kits went out early this year to third party developers.

HydrogenNGU said:

Now that 'cat (crab?) is out of bag (trap?)' < old-school sony puns here, for old-timers like myself > I can mention that I had an exclusive chat with 'Last of Us 2 developer' a few months ago, and they already had alpha versions of these new PlayStation's in their studio for a while, and its basically PS4-Pro with PS-VR built-in BUT (here the big BUT) with add-on NVidia GPU processor so it can render 1080p VR and dual player native 4K, but still since its 'PS4-Pro' under the hood be fully backwards to older PS4 games/discs.

Take all these rumors of course with a 'dash of salt' made from sad Xbots fans, and dream of ponies jumping into our homes by 2020, and we end this news post with a series of 'attached' pictures from the recent Sony patent filed that shows an improved force-feedback VR controller, without those stupid 'bulbs' attached to them, at least finally someone in Sony had a 'bright design idea'.

NEWS SOURCE: @HydrogenNGU (via) Twitter