Those of you not interested in Homebrew and Hacking will be interested to know that a new official firmware for the PS4 has been released:

PlayStation 4 users will be excited to know that Sony's latest PS4 update is bringing custom wallpaper support to their consoles. Now you can choose any 1080p image from your USB to use as your system's wallpaper (4K for PS4 Pro). Also added was Play Time Management, which is part of the parental controls, and can lock the device after a set amount of time. You can now also use tabs and folders to sort your games, a feature right out of 2006. A supersampling option was added for PS4 Pro users, which makes games appear sharper and clearer, even if you're not using a 4K TV. Lastly, there's been a few UI updates, to both the quick menu, and on the tournaments page.

As far as the hacking scene goes, it appears there's been no full confirmation on if the 5.0x webkit exploit still functions, or was patched out. As always, if you're interested in the scene, stay at the lowest firmware you can.