Today we have a port of ‘Fade to Black’ by usineur, Fade to Black is a 3D action-adventure game released in 1995 that is the successor to the famous Flashback game from 1992. The game was developed by the France-based Delphine Software and was published by Electronic Arts.

Thanks to ‘usineur’, a veteran in porting open-source games to the PSVita, you can now enjoy Fade to Black with 3D hardware acceleration thanks to his port of f2bgl and VitaGL.
It is important to note that the game has the following issues:
Music and sounds are disabled
Pressing the PS button to suspend the game will crash it
The port is based on version 0.2.3 of f2bgl not version 0.2.6, which is the latest version, so there are bugs that were fixed in version 0.2.4-0.2.6 of the engine
I couldn’t find a way to make the game function and I tried the demo files and full CD release files and none worked.