VVildcard777 has updated his 4.05 PS4Hen to support firmware 4.55

VVildcard777ís PS4Hen is open source, while Holy Grail isnít. Having an open source version of the PS4Hen could bring faster improvements to the scene ultimately. Especially given some of m0rph3us1987ís recent statements.
From the Readme:
PS4 Homebrew ENabler for version 4.55 based on Flatz writeup and using IDCís fake codebase
You can find his codebase here https://github.com/idc/ps4-fake-405 aswell as his method to patch shellcore here https://github.com/idc/ps4-experiments-405

via http://wololo.net/2018/03/05/ps4-4-5...ersion-ps4hen/