VitaQuake II is a port of Quake IIís engine for the PSVita. Quake II is a massively popular game that was released in late 1997 by id Software as a successor (but not a direct sequel) to Quake I.

VitaQuake II was created by Rinnegatamante last year and has the following features:
Renders at native (960◊544) resolution at a pretty decent framerate (around 60FPS most of the time) thanks to VitaGL
Full sound and music support
Support for the full and shareware versions of the game
Multiplayer support
Many other features including dualshock rumbling for DS3/4 users.

VitaQuake II version 1.5 brings about the following:
3D hardware acceleration support thanks to VitaGL. This allows the game to be rendered at the Vitaís native resolution (960◊544) while still giving a buttery smooth 60FPS most of the time.
An FPS counter
The right analogue stick is now more sensitive and precise thanks to fixes from rsn8887 and Shroom King
The game can now render shadows and has an option to turn these on and off.