If your a fan of Tetris and that must be a fair few of you, heres a tetris clone for the Nintendo Switch:

Ryuzaki_MrL has released his homebrew tetris clone for the exploitable Nintendo Switch consoles, check it out below:
Presenting "tetriswitch", a tetris clone for the Nintendo Switch. Still a work in progress.
This was going to be announced yesterday, but I didn't want to overshadow Super Smash Bros.

The following is implemented:

  • SRS rotation system
  • Hold and next pieces
  • Wall and floor kick
  • Bag random generator

The following is *not* implemented, at least for now:

  • T-Spin detection or any kind of trick reward
  • Highscore saving

Why tetris?

I have a special feeling for this game. Tetris for the Gameboy was the first handheld game I've ever played, and even my old 3DS XL came with a Tetris gamecard! This game still gets me hooked.

It's freaking Tetris, but anyway:

  • (<) / (>): move tetromino
  • Hold (Down): soft drop (fast drop)
  • (Up): hard drop (instant drop)
  • (A) / (B): rotate
  • (X): change grid color
  • (L) / (R): hold tetromino
  • (+): pause; start over (after game over)
  • (-): quit game (while paused)

But enough talk...

download https://github.com/Ryuzaki-MrL/tetriswitch/releases

via http://www.maxconsole.com/threads/te...-switch.46618/