Heres another classic reimagined for the Nintendo Switch:

Shrike from GBATemp recently released his port of 'Snake' game as homebrew app to enjoy on exploitable Switch firmwares.
It's nothing special.. (well its the first LovePotion game on switch maybe ??) .. but I thought maybe you like to see it.
Actually it (only) took me about 5h to write it .. but like I said its not something super fancy..
At the moment there is no way we could use text with LovePotion so there is no score .. I guess you just have to count the points yourself

How to run:

  • Extract inside your /switch folder and run LovePotion.nro with hbmenu
  • Use the DPad keys for navigation .. (maybe version 2 will have joystick support)
  • ..... ?
  • Profit!