The GTA franchise is over 20 years old, with the latest main entry released back in 2013. Five years later, Rockstar Games apparently wants to re-release a new version of GTA V that should be interesting for newcomers to the game in particular. The folks at Kotaku spotted a listing for GTA V Premium Edition on Amazon Germany, with a March 23rd release for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It's currently unknown whether PC players will get the same package.

The listing has since been removed but after that, the game received a rating by the South Korean Rating's Board, suggesting that it's indeed legit. According to Kotaku UK, a number of sources reached out to them on the condition of anonymity, providing more details about the whole thing. Originally, the GTA V Premium Edition was going to release on March 23rd, but got delayed to April by Rockstar for an unknown reason. The package contains the base game and four years worth of DLC, including the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack that was released last December, basically making newcomers virtual millionaires right from the start.

Kotaku speculates the Premium Edition will replace the standard version and sell for the same price. Apparently that is the reason why it's being announced so close to its release.