Heres a new release of the Final Burn Emulator for the Nintendo Switch:

Changelog 1.52:

SWITCH; new ui renderer (libcross2d/sdl2), improved texture and font rendering (no more scaling)
SWITCH: use bigger font size
SWITCH: add proper joystick implementation (joystick was previously interpreted as buttons).
SWITCH: add "point filtering", limited to 1x, 2x and 3x scaling. This is slower but may give a better image.
SWITCH: add basic/crappy scanline effect
SWITCH: fix input rotation (OFF=landscape, ON=landscape, FLIP=portrait)
SWITCH: fix random crash on exit? (libnx fix?)
VITA: fix wrong input rotation (hopefully)
VITA: add sharp-bilinear-simple shader back in
PFBA: don't play an audio frame when entering menu/savestates
PFBA: reset configuration when updating to a new version (sorry).