Heres an updated release for the Switch from NOP:

Far below the surface of the planet is a secret. A place of limitless power. Those that seek to control such a utopia will soon bring an end to themselves.

Seeking an end to the troubles that plague him, PSI user MERIT journeys into the hallowed Orcus Dome in search of answers.

If the game is too difficult for you, you can play in 'Wuss mode' for a far more sombre gaming experience.

Meritous is a cross between a top-view dungeon crawler and a bullet-hell shoot-em-up. In it, you control main character Merit, who travels through an enormous 3000-room labyrinth, the Orcus Dome, in order to find three artifacts called the PSI Keys, and restore them to their proper locations.

Although enemies fire copious amounts of bullets at you, you don't shoot back- instead, you have an attack called a PSI Circuit, which you charge up to unleash a shockwave that hits enemies and nullifies their shots.

As you charge up the PSI Circuit, target reticules appear on nearby enemies, the circle indicating they're in range, and the cross indicating you've charged up enough to damage or kill them.

You can't just use the PSI Circuit as often as you want, though. After releasing it, there's a cooldown time before you can charge up again, and the longer you charge up, the longer you have to wait.

Destroyed enemies leave behind PSI crystals you can use to upgrade three facets of your PSI Circuit- Circuit Charge (charge up faster), Circuit Refill (less cooldown time), and Reflect Shields.

When you have at least one level in Shields, a barrier is projected around Merit, which will deflect one bullet per shield level, before having to regenerate. As you upgrade Shields, the barrier becomes bigger, then shows multiple layers as it gets stronger.


The game needs to be tested on a real Switch for sound quality and speed. It runs at about 20fps a with really bad sound on RyujiNX emulator.

The game will crash the HBL on exiting (it's compiled with an incomplete SDL lib port to switch).

The source code of the port is on my switch github (
The compiled game is released on github (

The original source is by Lancer-X/ASCEAI (

Ver. 1.0 (17 March 2018)
- New build wit fixes SDL

Ver. 0.1 (09 March 2018)
- First reelase (baased on a incomplete SDL port)

Estract the zip in the root of the switch SD card

- D-pad: Move
- A: Select / use PSI
- B: Activate tiles
- L: Open Help
- R: Open map
- Minus: Exit
- Plus: Pause