Heres an updated version of the colecovision emulator for android, heres the release notes:

ColEm v4.3 is released. ColEm is a ColecoVision emulator. ColEm will run software written for the ColecoVision video game console. ColEm package itself does not contain any games. You should place your own game files onto the SD card before running ColEm. Please, do not run any software you do not own with ColEm. The author cannot and will not tell you where to find free ColecoVision games.

ColEm v4.0 Changelog:
Added MegaCart support for 64kB+ homebrew games.
Fixed SCREEN 0/3 VDP mode selection (Bankrupcy Builder, etc).
Added Nearest Neighbor option to disable linear interpolation.
Added Force 4:3 Screen option to ColEm-Windows.
Fixed Hit MIDI Drums option in ColEm-Windows.
Fixed 44kHz sound hiccups when 50Hz sync selected in ColEm-Windows.
Computing effective waveform power when simulating samples via MIDI.
ColEm-Windows will not overwrite last ROM file name with other names.
Added -43 command line option to ColEm-Unix.