Heres another hacking release for the PS3:

@DeViL303 is at it again bringing more XMB modding love to those enjoy'ing their SuperSlim's running the now world-famous PS3Xploit.
Here is update 4 for the HAN Toolbox, v0.4 by @pink1 and @DeViL303, this has the new File Injector hacks from PS3Xploit Team added , Also Demo Downloader item and Local Xploits (PKG Linker 2.0 Required for the local xploits)

Demo Downloader requires 2 extra setup steps, see the video, its just a package download and an RCO injection. The RCO is built into the pkg, so no extra files needed

Demo Downloader Setup Instructions:

  • STEP 1 = Icons: Go to Toolbox Settings > Setup / Update Demo List > Click "Step 1"
  • STEP 2 = Titles: Go to Toolbox Settings > Setup / Update Demo List > Click "Step 2"
    • Pick explore_plugin_full.rco from the file list.
    • Pick the HANTOOLBX/files path, NOT usb000 (the file is included in HAN Toolbox folder after doing step 1)
    • Your console should reboot automatically, if it doesn't try step 2 again.

Thanks to the PS3Xploit Team.

HAN Toolbox v0.4 - File Injector, Local xploits and Demo Downloader Added

NEWS SOURCE: HAN Toolbox v0.4 Released (via) PSX-Place