Heres another exciting item of news for those who like to cheat on their games:

@GregoryRasputin on his site 'PlayStationHAX' reports that scene developer @hurrican6 has updated his fork of the jkpatch for PS4:
Enhanced pointer finder feature.

Pointer finder usage:

  • Find the data address on main window.
  • Click "Find pointer" on the cheat list view.
  • Click "First scan" on "Pointer Finder" window.
  • Reboot your PS4 and restart your game. NOTE: DONOT close "Pointer Finder" window.
  • Find the new data address on main window.
  • Type the new address on the unclosed "Pointer Finder" window.
  • Click next scan on "Pointer Finder" window.
  • Repeat step 4~7 until there are few results.
  • Double click the result for adding cheats to main window.
  • Save your results.

This feature may not find the pointers in some games. I have changed my job recently. Further update should be slow.

This is good time to remind everyone that has exploitable v4.55 PlayStation 4 setup, that we have very active forum setup for discussion and finding/using PS4 Cheat Codes, so check it out, try out some, and share the ones you find with our members!

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NEWS SOURCE: PS4 Cheater v1.4.2 (via) PlayStationHAX