Yet another awesome release for the Nintendo Switch:

It's a driver that lets you use your JoyCons/Pro Controller with your PC with a lot more functionality than the default Windows driver (Analog stick support, Gyro Controls, Combining JoyCons, etc...)

The above text answers the common first big question: "What actually is this thing and why should I use it?", and below is the overview settings, features and comments from its developer @mfosse regarding this awesome new release which allows us to finally fully enjoy the proper usage of your Nintendo Switch JoyCon and PRO controllers on your Gaming Desktop PC or Laptop rigs.
Settings and features (some settings are only in the config file!)

  • Pro Controllers are supported (because someone is going to ask)
  • Combine JoyCons
    • Combines a pair of JoyCons into a single vJoy device

  • Reverse Stick X/Y
    • Reverses the X/Y direction(s) for both sticks

  • Gyro Controls
    • Enables controlling the mouse with a JoyCon like a WiiMote

  • Prefer Left JoyCon
    • By default, the right JoyCon is used (if found), this forces the program to use the left JoyCon (if found)

  • Gyro Controls Sensitivity X/Y
    • Controls the sensitivity -> higher = more sensitive
    • The X sensitivity also controls the gyro sensitivity for Rz/sl0/sl1 in vJoy

  • Gyroscope Combo Code
    • A number that tells the program which button or set of buttons to use to toggle gyro controls
    • To figure out what number to put in the config, look at the Gyro Combo Code when you press your desired keycombo

  • Quick Toggle Gyro
    • Changes the behavior of the Gyro toggle from a standard switch, to a "always on unless keycombo is pressed" mode

  • Gyro Window
    • Opens up a visualizer for the JoyCon's gyroscope

  • Mario Theme
    • Plays the Mario theme on the first connected JoyCon at startup

  • Debug Mode
    • Prints debug info to the console

  • Write Debug to File
    • Writes the debug info to a file

  • Force Poll Update
    • Don't enable this, probably

I'm already aware of this post, but some of the info is pretty out of date, and I figured I should make an official thread.

I've made two reddit posts about this now, and occasionally browse this forum, but still haven't made a post on here about this yet.
Like with the reddit post's I've made before I'll do my best to answer any questions or comments you have.

I don't have a full tutorial on how to use the program at the moment, but I have a basic outline of what to do on the GitHub page, I'll update this if me or someone else makes a full tutorial. If you're willing to make a tutorial contact me and I'll put it on the GitHub page (as well as here)

Other Links:

As much as I wish my code was perfect, it probably isn't so if you find any bugs or want to request a feature, you can do that here.


NEWS SOURCE: JoyCon-Driver v0.98 for PC (via) GBATemp