If your lucky enough to have a Nintendo Switch that can be hacked then the upcoming release of a custom firmware for the Switch is awesome news:

From the two screen-caps taken from Team ReSwitched Discord Channel, @SciresM talks about his time-line for the first release of his currently 'work-in-progress' Atmosphere which could turn out to be the very first user-installable 'Custom Firmware', and he notes his plans is to make it work on all currently released firmwares, but staying on v4.1.0 for now will be best, and having the even older v3.0.0 will make install even easier, but of course the GITHub ground-work progress on his Atmosphere firmware is still based on launch v1.0.0.

HackInformer also points out the above logo is not final one, but in the meantime good news for Switch owners waiting for 'homebrew & emulators' and other (cough) goodies that running a Switch-CFW might give them, it does not seem you will have to wait much longer.

NEWS SOURCE: Switch CFW Atmosphere to be Released this Summer (via) HackInformer