Heres a new hacking release for the PS3:

Modding your PlayStation 3 console with the recently released PS3Xploit v3 Tools just got a whole bunch cooler to do so!
How To Use:

  • Download Cold Boot Installer ZIP archive
  • Extract the files
  • Place coldboot.raf, coldboot_multi.ac3, and coldboot_stereo.ac3 on USB flash drive or select one of the internal HDD options
  • Navigate to this link or use local files above and a webserver
  • Run the exploit from page and allow console to reboot fully
  • Done! Enjoy your new boot logo and sounds


  • Updated Coldboot Installer to not reboot if any files fail to be found!
  • All 3 files must be present now: coldboot.raf, coldboot_multi.ac3, coldboot_stereo.ac3
  • This is to avoid any issues after reboot with files not being there or other oddities
  • separate ones will be made later

Big thanks to @StarMelter for providing the default image and @d1mtr7 for providing the sound!

Hosted on Official Site:
GITHub Project: