Heres some interesting news for PS4 owners on newer firmwares:

Everytime, Sony rolls out a new firmware update, one of main things it does is throw a wrench into the 'SaveWizard' with more complex Game Save Data Encryption, and more keys, etc. -- But the wizards will not be stopped as they have now unlocked v5.5.0!
Save Wizard for PS4 MAX now SUPPORTS System Software 5.50 AND below. System Software above this MAY break compatibility. Make sure you turn off any auto updates & to be really safe, disconnect from the internet as System Software can be released at any time WITHOUT warning.

Let us also be clear that new versions of System Software are intentionally designed to BREAK compatibility with Save Wizard for PS4 MAX. Modified saves should be used and stored OFFLINE at all times. If you choose to ignore the above, that is YOUR decision.

Meanwhile, all servers are now updated so have fun again.

And if that was not amazing enough, soon afterwards they released a bunch more new cheats and saves, with now over 700 games supported and over 50,000 cheat codes, you can't beat the value their software and support brings you, so check it out today!