Not totally surprising but the PSvita is a great console for hacking, if you have one you havent upgraded then dont and check your firmwares:

PlayStation Spainís Twitter account recently posted a reply to a fan comment, confirming that the PlayStation Vita has been discontinued in its territory. There havenít been any announcements about it being discontinued in other territories, so this is a bit of a surprise. You can see the tweet below.
Hereís the translation. A fan by the name of Portadictos noted, ďThere is nothing to clarify, everything is clear, you have retired PS Vita market and there is no way to buy one, I've been looking for hours.Ē

To which PlayStationís Spain account replied, ďHello! It's actually discontinued, yes.Ē

There could be an announcement in the months ahead confirming the systemís demise, although itís not likely to happen in Japan, since itís actually doing pretty good there Ė even without Sonyís support. But donít be shocked if Sony Interactive Entertainment posts something in the months ahead about its discontinuation in the U.S. market.

Sony has already kind of moved on from both the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3, confirming earlier this year that itís cutting games for both systems from its PlayStation Plus program, happening over the next year. And, obviously, no new titles have been confirmed for either platform, save for indie releases or special exceptions on Vita, like Square Enixís remastered port of Secret of Mana.

So do you think its finally 'Game Over' for the PSVita, will we be nailing its coffin close soon and posting a R.I.P. news story soon?

NEWS SOURCE: PlayStation Vita Discontinued In Spain (via) ComicBook