If your a linux fan then this is good news for you:

Running Linux on the 'exploitable' PlayStation 4 firmwares, has been a little tricky, and previous versions only supported older 'PS4 models', but now @eeply has released an 'Linux Loader' that supports both PS4 Slim/Pro along with the required HDMI output driver.
According to early feedback, getting Linux to run on the PS4 is a bit of hit and miss at the moment, due to some instability (which can cause the occasional freeze at startup) and the fact that it is tough to find the right files to work with. Nevertheless, multiple people have reported that they got Linux to properly run on the PS4 Pro or PS4 Slim, and I’m sure “all in one” packages will surface on your regular scene websites very soon.

In order to run Linux on the PS4, in addition to the Linux port, you’ll need the Linux Loader from ValentinBreiz, as well as the initramfs.cpio.gz file (just keep the initramfs file, and replace the bzimage with the one from eeply). Those wanting to compile eeply’s port by themselves will want to make sure they use the right branch (e.g. this one for PS4 Pro)

Download Linux for PS4, compatible PS4 Slim/PS4 Pro
You can download the bzimage file from the developer’s github here.

NEWS SOURCE: Linux on PS4 now supports PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro (via) Wololo