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Thread: Sailor Moon (Mega Drive) English Translation Released

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    Default Sailor Moon (Mega Drive) English Translation Released

    Heres a nice translation for the Mega Drive:

    The Dark Kingdom has been resurrected! In the name of the moon, go beat everyone up.
    The Genesis/Mega Drive version of the 1993 Sailor Moon beat-’em-up has been translated into English, featuring a translation by Eien Ni Hen and hacking by Supper. As one of the five Sailor Senshi of love and justice, players punch, kick, and suplex (hey, it’s a beat-’em-up) through hordes of youma to reach the enemy’s stronghold and protect the earth.
    Though nominally a port of the SNES game, this version came out later and is actually considerably enhanced over the original, with expanded stages, heavily tweaked gameplay, new music, and an actual plot. It’s well worth a look for both Sailor Moon and beat-’em-up fans.
    This project was originally kicked off without a translator, so major thanks to Filler for agreeing to pick it up and ultimately arranging for Eien Ni Hen to handle things.



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    Yes! About time a translation came for this game! Used to play this back in the day via DGEN on the PSP, now will be able to appreciate it more in this patched version!

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