Heres some new translation news:

3 years since their last release, DvD Translations has released two translations on the same day:

The first is historically significant as it is the last RPG Square made before Final Fantasy. Although associated and credited with projects in the past, this is NintendoComplete’s first major translation with hacking by DvD and translation assistance by aishsha. The game supports 3 separate fonts which are user selectable at any time in the game by simply pressing Up or Down while holding down the Select button. Up independently cycles the menu fonts while Down cycles the body text fonts. If you get tired of looking at one font, you can always pick a different one!
The latter is the second game in the TwinBee shooter series. It was released in the US as Stinger, but Konami removed the simultaneous 3rd player support as there was no multi-tap available at the time for the NES. This translation restores that support by hacking the game to support the NES Satellite/4 Score along with a complete English title screen and explosion sprites, and the two missing screens of dialog which Konami removed. All hacking was done by DvD with a translation by aishsha.
More information on both games can be found at