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Thread: Enigma of the Colossus v1.0.0.5 (Android Game)

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    Default Enigma of the Colossus v1.0.0.5 (Android Game)

    Yet another release for the Android:

    Enigma of the Colossus is an Android game by 25games. This Austria based studio has few more games which we will pick up soon.
    In the forbidden lands the colossus wander around in darkness and loneliness. It looks as if they stray aimlessly through the landscapes. But in fact their purpose is of primary importance. Since ancient times the colossus keep an unsolved enigma… the enigma of the colossus – the enigma of life. Some have tried to solve the mystery of the colossus, none have ever come back. They all got captured by the spirit of the death. Are you the first one who can face the might of the colossus? Enter the adventure!


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    i tried playing it, kind of a adventure game, yea pretty good one.

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