Now heres a major release, a Custom Firmware for the Nintendo DSI, how awesome is that, heres the release details:

The Nintendo DSi scene was set on 'fire' again after long-time scene developer @no$cash dropped the world's first 'coldboot' exploit for now retro DSi handheld onto the world called 'ULaunch' and now scene developer @Robz8 has released the world' first DSi 'CFW'.

Here it is, the first DSi CFW!

Video by Alex S (with SRLoader installed) and Video by @Apache Thunder (When RocketLauncher was planned for a release. With WarioWare Touched (DSiWare version) installed.)

Robz8 said:
With this CFW, you can run custom DSiWare, alongside region free and 3DS-exclusive DSiWare (WarioWare Touched), on your SD card, via NAND to SD redirection! You can also run blocked flashcards (such as R4 Ultra).

Full guide (from stock to HiyaCFW)


  • @Apache Thunder, @nocash123, StuckPixel, @shutterbug2000, and @Gericom.
  • @Drenn: .bmp loading code from GameYob, for custom splash screens.
  • me: Logo graphic, and settings screen.
  • WinterMute/devkitPro: For the majority of the base code like nds-bootloader which this loader uses.

Q: Can I use a custom splash for HiyaCFW?
A: Yes you can, but only top splashes work for now. Place it at "sd:/hiya/" and name it splashtop.bmp. Make sure it's actually saved as a .bmp file, with the size of 256x192, with no color space info, and is 16-bit (A1 R5 G5 B5).​