The Nintendo Switch releases keep on coming:

Scene developer @naehrwert has released the very first 'payload' for the Switch that does some very cool things, for one it replaces 'bootloader/package1', so it can load 'custom firmwares', but that only works on v2.0.0 or lower (for now), and second it can display all your console-unique fuses/key info, and in the tools section it can so far 'backup' your eMMC o the inserted FAT32-formatted SD Card, but it currently only does the main system-unique partitions found within 32gb NAND, it skips over your 'user/game' 26gb section, but still its useful enough to generate future 'emunand' setups and explore your eMMC and make changes with the current released tools, all at of course at your own risk, as well you could just brick something, but if you love living on the leading edge of the scene, try it!

  • So it has come to this. Presenting 'hekate_ipl' (grab it here ), our PoC bootloader/package1 replacement - run it with your favourite shofEL2/FG launcher. Example config here … (place it on the root of your SD card).
  • you probably want to create a backup of your eMMC before trying out any shenanigans with patched kernels/etc., that's why we've included a dumper for you, currently it skips the USER partition, all other partitions take ~5mins to dump.
  • oh and sleep mode is broken right now because configuring the MC config in PMC is hard and we're really good at procrastinating - we'll fix it sometime soon
  • almost forgot, firmware launching is limited to 1.X and 2.X for now, support for later versions is being worked on
  • sure, sometime later this week - just a bit hesitant bc the last source I've shared (hwinit) is now widely being used without zero attribution
  • - I'm outta here

The above is all the recent tweets by the author since this announcement set the Switch scene on fire yesterday, and now last tweet came earlier today and is finally a link to his 'magic dust' (source code) behind his amazing frozen rocket payload, and already people having started to fork it in as you can see in our latest post here.

NEWS SOURCE: @naehrwert (via) Twitter